About The Local

Some people seem a bit confused about what we are - A restaurant? A cafe that one can use as a substitute office? A pub? A sports bar? An events space? A place to drink far too much on a Friday night and make a fool of oneself while hitting on other patrons, Somewhere to go for a late-night post-drinking snack?

Fact is, we're not that hard to define. Simply: we're a place to come for fantastic drinks and awesome food and to have a good time - all at reasonable prices. 

Yes - we focus a lot on our food menu, and have a definite restaurant feel at times, especially early in the week.

Of course - some people have business meetings here or hang out with their laptop all day using our wifi.

And yeah - we do have a giant projection screen that we broadcast football, rugby, and various other sporting events on.

Yup - you may have heard of some of the many events we hold, including company parties, networking events, and charity events.

And yes... Friday and Saturday nights get a bit out of control - the strong drinks and music will do that.

But - do we have to give up any of these things and just become one of the above? Hell no! We're perfect for all of the above.

If you haven't been in yet, please drop by. We're confident you'll enjoy The Local no matter what you're here for. Make The Local your local!

Sunday - Tuesday: Noon - Midnight
Wednesday & Thursday: Noon - 2am
Friday & Saturday: Noon - 4am
Happy Hour Daily 4pm-8pm

*NOTE: We often open earlier or stay open late for sports or events.

If you want to schedule an event outside of our business hours, no problem! As long as we have notice ahead of time, we should be able to help you out!