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The Beijinger stopped in to sample our new food menu and had some very kind words to say about us. Follow the link and check out the article below!
Sunday Feb 21st - Closed Until 5pm - Sunday, February 21st
We will close at 9pm on Sunday, February 7th to give the staff a little rest before the Superbowl. Most likely we'll be irresponsible and light fireworks off instead of sleeping, but hey, we need our fun, too.
Hot Drinks are in Season! - Monday, November 9th
The cold weather is here, and the heat isn't on yet. Warm up with our new hot drinks!
CLOSED Wednesday, September 2nd - Monday, August 17th
The powers that be have determined that bars in Sanlitun's Courtyard 4 are not harmonious enough to be operating when the big bosses are in town and paying attention.