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Sunday Feb 21st - Closed Until 5pm - Sunday, February 21st
We will close at 9pm on Sunday, February 7th to give the staff a little rest before the Superbowl. Most likely we'll be irresponsible and light fireworks off instead of sleeping, but hey, we need our fun, too.
Hot Drinks are in Season! - Monday, November 9th
The cold weather is here, and the heat isn't on yet. Warm up with our new hot drinks!
CLOSED Wednesday, September 2nd - Monday, August 17th
The powers that be have determined that bars in Sanlitun's Courtyard 4 are not harmonious enough to be operating when the big bosses are in town and paying attention.
In accordance with public opinion and the law, we'll be going non-smoking from June 1st of this year!