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We're closing for just one day - Monday September 8th - to give our staff time to rest and celebrate Mid-Autumn festival. Don't worry, we won't make anyone eat moon cakes.
CLOSED MONDAY - July 14th - Monday, July 14th
Sorry, we're tired out from all the World Cup shenanigans and need a rest. Hope to see you again on Tuesday evening!
We will be open for all but one Group of 16 matches. Our deals on Slow Boat draft and bottles continues during and for an hour before each match. Please see the schedule below: --------------------------------------------------------
We'll be showing most midnight matches, many of the 3am matches, and only one of the 6am matches (England v Italy, Sun 15th 6am).
Closed for ONE DAY - Sunday, Feb 2nd - Saturday, February 1st
The Local will be closed for just one day to give our loyal staff members a break for the holiday.  We've decided to give them a day off in preparation for The Super Bowl. Thanks for understanding!