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Closed for ONE DAY - Sunday, Feb 2nd - Saturday, February 1st
The Local will be closed for just one day to give our loyal staff members a break for the holiday.  We've decided to give them a day off in preparation for The Super Bowl. Thanks for understanding!
We can show up to two live matches via satellite. Check our schedule to see what matches we'll have, or call to request a match not listed. [Kenn: 134 8880 4794]
The first-ever Time Out Beijing Bar & Club Awards are coming, and we need your help!
Formula 1 - Japan Grand Prix - Sunday, October 13th
We'll be showing all Formula 1 races live and with commentary.
Some of our staff wanted time off for the holiday, so we cut down to one shift for a few days. Don't worry, we'll still be open late - but we won't open until 4pm October 1st through the 5th and the 7th.