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I've been trying to be an adult about this, but it's pretty exciting to be on the cover of magazine. Even if it makes you look silly.
Free Tiger Draft with every Burger
Free Tiger with every Burger! - Monday, January 28th
Now through Spring Festival - with every full price beef or pork burger, you'll get a free Tiger or De Koninck draft. For just 30 RMB more, you'll get a Snakebite made with Strongbow cider.
Kenn was featured in The Beijinger's "Foodie Wish List" feature in January.
We have made it to the finals!! We're now up against Home Plate!
Against all odds and and expectations, we are now in the finals! We're up against our good friends at Home Plate... as much as we like their burgers (and awesome BBQ), we still want to win.
A writer for the Global Times reports on (confesses to?) the incident that put one our owners in a wheelchair for a month.