World Cup Final - Limited Number of Tickets Available

Monday, 14 July 2014 - 3:00am

For the final between Germany and Argentina, we will be limiting attendance to roughly 120 people to ensure your comfort and safety. Entry is 100 RMB/person, and includes four tickets that can be redeemed for drinks and/or breakfast. 

Your tickets will look something like this:

Draft beer options include not only Vedett, Murphy's and Chouffe, but also Slow Boat and 京A. Breakfast options include French Toast with bacon and eggs or a sausage patty breakfast sandwich.

In addition to these items, we will also have a limited food and drink menu that can be ordered from separately.

The bar will be closed to the general public at Midnight, but will remain open to those who have purchased tickets through the completetion of the final.

Contact Kenn for more details:
SMS: 134 8880 4794
weChat: localKenn

Please be aware that because of World Cup scheduling, I keep very strange hours - your requests will not be answered until after 5pm.



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