Holiday Hours

The Local Team will be Resting on New Year's Day

​We are planning to go late on New Year's Eveso The Local will be closed for one day on January 1st. You'll need a rest after all of the relvery, and so will we.
We plan to stay at home and recover. Fear not, we will return on January 2nd, and reopen after we clean up all of the confetti and spilled drinks.

YES - We are OPEN throughout the National Holiday

Yes - we will be open throughout the entire holiday on normal hours. See you here!

CLOSED this coming Monday for International Workers' Day

Closing Early: 9pm on Sunday Feb. 7th

We will close at 9pm on Sunday, February 7th to give the staff a little rest before the Superbowl.

Most likely we'll be irresponsible and light fireworks off instead of sleeping, but hey, we need our fun, too.

CLOSED Wednesday, September 2nd

The powers that be have determined that bars in Sanlitun's Courtyard 4 are not harmonious enough to be operating when the big bosses are in town and paying attention.

Sadly, that means we have to close up and lock our doors while they are looking!

Holiday Hangover

We're still waiting on a few staff members to come back from their break, and the rest of us just can't handle doing two shifts. We'll be back on normal hours starting this Saturday, March 17th. We'll be open from noon daily from then on.

CLOSED for Mid-Autumn Festival - September 8th

We're closing for just one day - Monday September 8th - to give our staff time to rest and celebrate Mid-Autumn festival.

Don't worry, we won't make anyone eat moon cakes.

Closed for Lunch - October 1st through 3rd

Some of our staff wanted time off for the holiday, so we cut down to one shift for a few days.

Don't worry, we'll still be open late - but we won't open until 4pm October 1st through the 5th and the 7th.

We will open at 2:00pm on the 6th for Formula 1 and the NRL grand final.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

UPDATE: Holiday hours extended through FRIDAY

Just wanted to let everyone know that we won't be open during the daytime on the 29th through the 1st. We're taking a little break for the holiday.

We will be open from 5pm daily, and all of our specials will be in effect. Happy hour from 5-9pm, Mini Burger Monday, Half Price Tuesday, and Wings Wednesday each day from 5pm.

See you over the holiday!

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